(Sample,Live Recordings ,mp3, 44.1kHz/16bit ,2ch.stereo about 500~900KB/each)

Our performances include low frequency tones about 60 to 200Hz.

The speakers inside PC enclosure would not playback them well.

Please listen these files by stereo-headphones or external speakers.


Yuyake-koyake(In The Glory Of Sunset)/Sin Kusakawa(1893~1948)

Fuyugesiki(Winter Scenery)~Fuyuno-yoru(The Night Of Winter)

 /Japanese Traditional Song

Hana(The Cherry Blossom)/Rentarou Taki(1879~1903)

Oboro-zukiyo(Night Of A Hazy Moon)/Teiichi Okano(1878~1941)


World Songs

Chinese Folksong Suite/Tateki Kageyama(1935~

 1)I Dreamt Of You   2)My Heart Will Fly To The Girl   3)A Refreshing "Sake"

Krasunui Sarafan(Russian Folksong)/A.I.Varlamov (1801~1848)

Grandfather's Clock/H.C.Work(1832~1884)

Amazing Grace /English Traditional Song

Deck The Halls,The First Nowel,Joy To The World/Carol

Little Drummer Boy/Carol



Tant Que Vivrai En Age Florissant/ Sermisy (c.1490~1562)

Amore Vittorioso/G.Gastoldi (1550~1622)

Courtly Masquing Ayres/J.Adson(15??~1640)

Christmas Pastorale/A. Corelli (1653~1713)

・"Le Quattro Stagioni"La Primavera/A.Vivaldi(1678~1741)

 1)Allegro,2)Largo e pianissimo sempre,3)Allegro

Little Fugue In G-minor/J.S.Bach(1685~1750)

"Magic Flute" Papageno's Glockenspiel/W.A.Mozart(1756~1791)

"The Marriage Of Figaro"Overture/W.A.Mozart

"Orpheus In Hell" Can Can /J.Offenbach(1819~1880)

"The Girl From Arles 2nd Suite" Farandole/G.Bizet(1838~1875)

The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee/Rimsky=Korsakov(1844~1908)

・The Maiden Of Flaxen Hair/J.C.Debussy(1862~1918)

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